#MatchOfTheWeek: Stephen Cocozza and Young Urban Arts Foundation

July 31, 2023

Stephen Cocozza has over 20 years of experience in financial services. He decided to volunteer at Young Urban Arts Fund which runs outreach with young people at risk. Stephen worked with Kerry and Jess at YUAF to support this growing charity with change management.

“Working in a large corporate organisation it is easy to focus on the bubble of our own business, but seeing how Kerry and Jess collaborated was a great reinforcement of how some key skills impact on teams and the successful delivery of projects.

There are examples from this work that I have brought back and showcased in my own projects to demonstrate how innovative and focused YUAF is in supporting their teams to achieve results” – Stephen Cocozza

“Stephen has been tremendous…his input has been incredibly valuable to us as an organisation as we move forward in our strategic development – Jessica Ortiz