Charities allocated a place on our funding rounds have around three weeks to make the full funding application. (Find out how to be allocated a place on the “apply for funding” page.) The full application is submitted through a personalised link. You must use this link to upload your application before the deadline given in the email.

This consists of three simple elements:

1. Answering a few simple, factual questions
How many full-time equivalent members of staff you have.
The amount of funding you’d like to request.
How many years you’d like the funding to be paid out over.

2. Compiling and submitting a three page application document
This should be no longer than three A4 pages – including the financial table – in Word or PDF format. We encourage you to copy and paste content from past funding applications, or anything else you have already written. Please see below for more information on what to include.

3. Uploading the latest set of financial accounts, if available
We’ll need to see your latest set of audited accounts. If these are not available, please upload the latest set of management accounts or the latest financial report that you have.

Information we’re looking for in your three page application document:

  • Tell us about your organisation
    Give us details of the work you do, why it is so important, and how you are having an impact
  • Who leads your organisation
    We want to hear about the skills and experience of your senior management, Directors and/or trustees.
  • Tell us how much funding you would like, (maximum £30,000) and over how many years (maximum three)
  • Tell us how our funding will enable you to grow, strengthen or become more efficient or resilient – we call this ‘Transformational Impact’
    This means we want to know how much of a marked, step change you think you’ll see in your charity once you’ve accessed our support. We’d like to know how the funds will help your organisation to achieve these changes. No budget breakdown is required. Describe your vision for how different your charity will be once you have spent your grant.
  • Set a few simple targets for the changes you will see in your charity if you receive funding
    As an example these could be: Year 1: Recruit and onboard a volunteer coordinator. Grow our volunteer numbers from 10 to 25. Year 2: Grow volunteer numbers to 35. Increase beneficiaries to 100. Expand provision into new area.
  • We need your financials in the following table format
    Here is a link to our Excel sheet template. Please copy and paste it into your three-page application document. Use this to make a financial forecast based on receiving the Fore grant and showing the difference that it will make on your organisation. We also need to know your current level of restricted and unrestricted reserves. If there is anything you’d like to explain about your finances, please include a note under the table. Don’t worry if you aren’t old enough as an organisation to have three years of past data. Just include what you have so far.
  • We’ll also need a separate copy of your annual accounts, uploaded as a document.

Alternative formats

Video guide

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