The Fore is committed to equal opportunities. We encourage applications from qualified candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and from all sections of the community. For all roles we recruit, experience of working or volunteering for small charities and social enterprises is as relevant, if not more relevant than more formal qualifications.

Social Impact Internships

We are currently closed for applications for our Social Impact Internship Programme. We will be running further recruitment rounds in the future, so please monitor this page if interested.

Strategic Applicant Consultant

Would you like to share your strategic skills with some of the UKs most exciting small charity leaders and social entrepreneurs? Are you an experienced professional who enjoys defining and articulating strategy? If so, we would love you to join us as a Strategic Applicant Consultant.

Consultants are at the front line of The Fore’s assessment process during each funding round. They help us to identify and advise the best charities and social enterprises for whom funding and strategic support could unlock transformational impact.

Useful info:

  • Consultants typically have 10 years + experience in business, public or non-profit sector senior leadership positions.
  • No previous grant experience is required, and we encourage applications from a range of backgrounds.
  • A total of 8-10 days of remote work spread over a 12-week funding round period.
  • Low-bono model- stipend paid per application assessed.
  • Training provided.

Please see the full job description here.

Join our info session on 15 May 2024 to hear more and find out how to apply. Sign up here.

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