Family foundations, trusts and philanthropists

Working with The Fore gives family foundations, trusts and philanthropists access to a diverse portfolio of exceptional small charities and social enterprises across the UK.


At The Fore we specialise in selecting and accelerating small charities.  We offer our partners a pipeline of hundreds of ready-vetted, well-led charities and social enterprises, from all across the UK, with new funding rounds three times a year.  We save you time and administrative burden with our flexible partnerships that can be tailored to your funding interests.

We remove the need for setting up your own due diligence process by having an established, fair and accessible application process.  We also offer a wrap-around package of support so you know the charities you support are more likely to succeed because they have access to broader skills and training they may be missing.

All our partners benefit from:

  • Bespoke access to our portfolio of the highest-potential small charities and social enterprises with exceptional leadership, innovative ideas and cost-effective solutions
  • Reach into an exceptionally diverse and representative range of charities
  • Our detailed due diligence – concise, objective overviews of management, operations, finances and the potential of the applicant to create social change
  • Bespoke reporting that monitors the diversity and impact of the charities supported
  • Our ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the portfolio
  • Our ability to offer a wraparound package of support to all our portfolio charities – supporting them with skills and training workshops, sourcing skilled volunteers and trustees, peer to peer networks and support with impact assessment
  • Being part of industry-leading best practice in the grant-making sector
  • A portfolio that works across four broad areas; youth opportunity, mental health and wellbeing, social equity and inclusion and sustainability

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Examples of partnership models: