February 16, 2023

Amma Birth Companions

Four Black women and their babies are all cuddling and standing together, smiling widely, on a professional photography background. The babies are all around 0-2 years old and incredibly cute.

Amma Birth Companions supports those who might otherwise go through pregnancy and childbirth alone. Based in Scotland, the charity is building a community of care for families in need of additional support.

Amma supports women and birthing people who are often new to Glasgow. Many of their clients face barriers of poverty, isolation, or language. Amma also works with survivors of trafficking, and people seeking political refuge or asylum who go on to become birth companions and volunteers.

Those supported by Amma Birth Companions:

  • received on average 28 hours of one-to-one support
  • 90% felt less isolated
  • 70% accessed all the services they needed, compared to 30% at the point of initial assessment
  • 78% felt better able to meet their baby’s needs as a result

Amma Birth Companions is using The Fore’s funding and support to employ a Peer Support and Education Coordinator. This member of staff is designing and delivering teen parent and pregnancy support. We awarded the charity £15,000 in Spring 2022.

“When you are an asylum seeker you can feel devastated and not worthy sometimes, so when you support another person, you feel confident and part of something good. I can’t work, so with Amma I have a purpose.”

“I didn’t know anyone. I had nothing. I was so terrified. I spent Christmas day all alone, crying all day and thinking about the life I was forced to leave behind…[my Amma Birth Companion] was there when I gave birth to my daughter, holding my hand and encouraging me all through and through. I was so thankful not to give birth alone. I know that for many of us, Amma is that family we never had or don’t have here. Amma has given us the greatest gift of all: the gift of family.” – Yvonne, client and now peer supporter

Read their latest impact report, or press coverage here.

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