July 21, 2023

Action Tutoring

At The Fore we select and back the best small charities with the greatest potential. In 2013 we funded Action Tutoring, a start-up education programme. Ten years later they are an award-winning national charity providing free tuition for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The charity collaborates with inner city schools, to reach young people who would not otherwise have access to private tuition.  

Action Tutoring works with pupils on the D/E grade borderline for GCSE English and Maths. With the help of a specially trained tutor, individual students are supported to achieve a minimum C grade. This strengthens each child’s chances of securing further education, employment, or training. We awarded £20,000 in unrestricted grant-funding to them in 2013.  Since then Action Tutoring have:

  • increased total student numbers from 875 in 15 schools to over 26,000 in 147 different schools
  • increased turnover from £75,000 to £2.6 million  
  • expanded the programme nationally, going from nine London boroughs to delivery in Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle, and Sussex