October 14, 2021

2020 Change

2020 Change is an award-winning social enterprise that leads the way to a more diverse and inclusive workforce in the UK. Through training programmes, mentorship and career support, 20/ 20 Change empowers young black professionals to flourish in the workplace by helping them to develop the right mind-set and confidence they need to thrive. It targets young people aged 16-30, often at a disadvantage (having been involved in gangs and knife crime, for example), or from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. 20/20 Change has been transformative to its alumni, and it has been described as a ‘great investment’ in young people’s lives by one candidate.  

2020 Change is now ahead of the curve: funding has allowed CEO and Founder Duro Oye to work full time for the organisation, and it has grown significantly since the beginning of the grant. Duro was able to build relationships with corporate partners who have signed up to provide financial and pro bono skill support. The organisation has also expanded the programmes on offer to students, including a new mentorship scheme which pairs students with professionals working across a wide range of industries. Last year, Duro was selected as an Acumen fellow for his work with 2020 Change.