The Linacre Institute Request (Portfolio)

Organisation Description

At Linacre, we believe that every student deserves fair access to the very best universities, whatever their socioeconomic background. Our vision is
to provide all able and intellectually curious students from around Yorkshire with the same chance of reaching a world-class university as their counterparts at the UK’s leading schools. Our Reach Higher Programme provides intensive and highly personalised support throughout the application process in years 12 and 13 for bright but potentially isolated sixth-formers at state schools in ex-industrial Yorkshire.

What are they looking for?

We are looking to appoint a Treasurer to our Board of Trustees. They will be responsible for:

● Working closely with the Chair and Director to ensure the financial effectiveness of the
Linacre Institute.
● Presenting financial reports to the Board in a format that helps the Board understand
the charity’s financial position.
● Keeping the Board informed about its financial duties and responsibilities, and
advising them on how best to fulfil these responsibilities.
● Assisting and advising in the preparation and scrutiny of the annual budget and
financial reporting to the Charity Commission.
● Ensuring the financial resources of the organisation meet our present and future
needs. This includes reviewing our reserves policy and sense checking the financial
sustainability of the new strategy.

The ideal candidate would be:

● Committed to improving the educational outcomes of young people across Yorkshire.
● Conscious of the importance and purpose of meetings, and be committed to preparing
for them adequately and attending them regularly.
● Organised and methodical in addressing actions and in ensuring progress.
● Experienced in charity governance and in particular financial regulations and
● Able to communicate complex ideas and technical language to non-specialists.