Take Action Together Request

Organisation Description

Take Action Together is an eco-conscious CIC. Our ethos is to demonstrate how easy and accessible sustainable living and zero waste play can be. Through reinventing and reimagining play by transforming what we already have and creating something new with it. We believe in nurturing our mental health and wellbeing by supporting both adults and children alike with play.

What are they looking for?

We would love some help with strategic planning - How do we continue to scale up whilst being able to offer support to our local community? How do we remain on the front line, whilst also delivering projects on deeper levels? We feel communication is the key, we want to create a space or environment where people want to be, where they want to learn and where they truly feel like part of their community. We would love some help developing a 3 to 5 year plan - help pinning down our objectives to create a CIC which truly makes a difference towards communities living more sustainably.We would also like some governable advice, such as best practise and processes for running a CIC, if possible.