Sound Waves Foundation Request (Portfolio)

Organisation Description

SWF was born out of the need to empower deaf children and young adults to reach their true potential. We introduce different visual means of communicating into mainstream society. All of the projects we are working on have this theme at the core.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking expert help on:
Legal: royalties, licencing and protecting IP. We produce a lot of content that we wish to protect and would love some advice on how best to do this. We are seeking: a legal expert, virtual support - one or two hours initially.
Marketing: we really need help in letting more schools and services know about the useful content we have produced. We have very grand aspirations for delivering our work/projects nationwide and need help in doing this. We need: a marketing expert, virtual support to help us build a strategy/plan - one to two hours initially and then maybe an hour a month.