Procreate Project Request

Procreate Project Request

Organisation Description

Procreate Project is the only organisation in the UK providing representation of and support for the professional development of artists who are also mothers. Many women are forced out of the creative sector when they become parents due to lack of support and inequalities.

Our programmes have national and international reach. To date we have delivered 16 productions and projects, as well as collaborated with hundreds of international artists, academics, healthcare specialists, cultural institutions, and community and advocacy groups. One of our projects is the Mother House Studios, which is the first and only artists’ studio in the UK with integrated childcare.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking support with strengthening our financial and development strategy, as well as developing a business plan and tool kit for the Mother House Studios. The tools kit will enable us to give entrepreneurs and artists the tools and guidance they need to establish and manage Mother House Studios in their own localities across the UK, Europe and USA. These will enable us to meet the widespread demand and need that we have identified for the Mother House Studios.