MoorVision Request (SAC Recommended)

MoorVision Request (SAC Recommended)

Organisation Description

MoorVision (established 200&) provides support to families of children and young people with vision impairment across the far South-West of England.

Vision impairment is a low incidence but high need disability and support is needed for these children to achieve their full potential.

MoorVision offers full assessments and personalised support plans, benefits advice and advocacy, family support, sibling support , educational advocacy and a wide range of arts, music, sporting and social activities and residential opportunities.

Our board has a high level of lived experience plus professional experience of vision impairment, education, counselling, independent life skills and accountancy on our board.

We have one full time CEO, plus four part time staff covering family support, activities and financial administration.

What are they looking for?

Like many founder led charities, our CEO (previously a botanist) had not had previous experience or training in running a charity.

Despite this we have grown exponentially over the years, won a number of awards and are held in very high regard in the sight loss sector.

We are looking for:

1. Advice and support in extending and improving our existing strategy. We have no one on the staff team or board with this experience and whilst we have a strategy, we feel it could be improved.

2. Advice and support in managing HR - again skills lacking in both CEO and board. We have robust HR practices and policies but the CEO would appreciate additional support in managing staff more effectively particularly around areas such as sickness and well-being.

We would welcome face to face support and this could be online or face to face. We would be willing to travel anywhere south of Birmingham for this if necessary.