CRIPtic Arts Request

Organisation Description

CRIPtic Arts CIC is an artistic development organisation supporting disabled, deaf and neurodivergent people to create artwork and we campaign to reduce discrimination against disabled people in the arts. We offer funded programmes, paid work, commissions, organisational consultancy and the production of shows. We were the only arts organisation to be named as one of the 100 most influential disability organisations in the UK by the Shaw Trust last year.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking 2 volunteers. Firstly, we are seeking support with creating a business and strategic plan and advice for improving our annual reporting. We hope to have a strategic plan developed in the next few months, and we have drafts of our 2021-22 annual report and notes towards our 2022-23 report. Secondly, we are also seeking to develop an advisory board (who play a similar role to a trustee board yet in an informal capacity as we are a CIC), ensuring our work is consistent with our mission to support, develop and promote disabled people in the arts whilst making the arts more accessible. We have a wide range of contacts from the disabled community and arts world who we anticipate would fit on an advisory board, but we would like to create a functional and effective board from the outset. We would ideally appreciate support from people with experience in strategy and business planning to maximise both grants and earned income for charitable organisations, and from people who have experience in setting up advisory boards for CICs. If these do not apply to you, but you believe you can help, please do reach out.