Cascade Theatre Company Request

Organisation Description

Our ‘charity’ clients age from 5 to 95. We focus on disadvantaged groups and work in an area of high poverty and deprivation. We offer issue-based work for schools; run a weekly drama club for (NEET) adults with Additional Needs; run ‘Emotional First Aid’ series for adults with psychosis, other mental health problems, carers and survivors of domestic abuse; we offer reminiscence sessions and tour a play for older people and those with dementia. We earn income from Personnel Training (Communication Skills) for the NHS all over the UK and online training for care workers on ‘conversational reminiscence’.

What are they looking for?

Two main weaknesses – 1. Marketing 2. Strategic Planning. 1. We deliver excellent work. We have folders of excellent feedback. Our recent website to publicise our training has not yet been effective. We are always popular, stated as the best training of the year (dental graduates), and have the knowledge and personal skills to deliver relevant, exciting training. We are less able to market it. Our charitable work is always offered free but is often very hard to find new groups who we know would benefit from our work. 2. An anathema to me. We have had advice and know the principles but have, historically, been unable to create a realistic plan for our organisation. We know we are, genuinely, unique in how we deliver all our work. Our USP is Personality and Knowledge. This presents a problem, as it means the two main ‘players’ are the only ones who can do a major part of our work. We do, therefore, need a realistic and workable plan and to market ourselves to more places and work smarter, not harder!! We need patient, kind people with the right expertise, time and a willingness to understand how we do what we do.