Organisation Description

BRAVEHOUND provides assistance dogs for military veterans with mental health needs, PTSD or cognitive impairments as a result of military service.

We partner veterans with assistance dogs, and we provide them with the required training and welfare support over each dog’s lifetime.

The veterans we support are isolated, withdrawn, and tend to lack direction and feelings of self-worth. Our dogs provide 24-hour companionship, a structure and purpose to each day and they reduce the risk of self-harm and suicide. Many of our beneficiaries claim they would not be here if not for their BRAVEHOUND dog.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking 2 volunteers to support us with Marketing and Communications and Strategy and Business Planning. 1. A volunteer to provide advice and practical support with marketing, particularly with raising awareness of our work in a way that will ideally encourage individual and corporate donations. 2. A volunteer to support us with developing a strategic plan than is both sustainable and will enable organisational growth. BRAVEHOUND is currently in a period of development as we move from 'candidate membership' of Assistance Dogs International and Assistance Dogs UK to 'full membership'. We are also seeking a long-term home (i.e. a centre where all activities can be based), rather than the small office and temporary training locations we currently use. Both of these factors will need to considered as part of our business plan and strategy.