Organisation Description

ADHD Babes is a community group for Black Women and Non-Binary people with ADHD. We create safer spaces for us to flourish and live our lives to their greatest potential. ADHD Babes is run by us and for us, with all members of our team being from our community. We aim to empower and encourage all members to build peer support networks, share lived experiences and embrace their neurodiversity as a community. We aim to inspire and empower people with community, tools, learning and healing spaces to redefine and understand ADHD, allowing us to tackle its difficulties and utilise its strengths. We aim to create an accessible platform and safer spaces for us to connect, learn and break down the barriers that restrict our community from gaining and understanding a diagnosis of ADHD. We aim to create a society that embraces neurodiversity.

What are they looking for?

We would mainly need support creating a structure and strategy around what we are currently doing to stabilise and sustain ourselves. This would include our internal structure, how to form partnerships and a 5-year plan to work towards. We would also benefit from a specialist who has worked with CIC's, especially those relating to the Black community and disability so we can figure out the best model (e.g. having trustees or more directors, how to make decisions as a team, how to promote and brand ourselves)