The Fore Spring 2024: New Grants

April 8, 2024

At The Fore we know that grassroots, local solutions are helping people thrive all over the UK and changing systems from the ground up. The charities and social enterprises we are funding have been set up by and for the communities they belong to. They all have innovative solutions to the problems we face and we will help them scale their impact and improve their resilience and sustainability.

This Spring, twenty-one more exceptional organisations from Belfast to London, will receive unrestricted funding, introductions to our networks, including our pro bono member network, and access to our training and support.

Here are the stories of just three of the charities we will be supporting from this Spring. 

Face Equality International

Face Equality International is creating a world where everyone is treated fairly whatever their face looks like.

Run by Phyllida Swift, who has personal experience with facial scarring, they combat the injustices and violations facially different people experience, from hate crimes to infanticide. They run a global alliance of organisations that advance face equality through public awareness and legislative reforms, rather than medical fixes. Last year, their Face Equality campaign reached 1 million people. With recent research highlighting the extent of the human rights atrocities facially different people face, they are more determined than ever to grow their alliance.

Through recruiting a Communications Officer, our funding will increase the CEO’s capacity so she can pursue funding opportunities, grow the alliance and deliver FEI’s global strategy.

RollaDome All Skate

RollaDome All Skate use skating to empower young people across London to achieve better futures.

RollaDome support 5,000 young people each year, with over 80% coming from minority, marginalised, and/or vulnerable backgrounds. Partnering with schools, youth services and local authorities, their projects operate partly via volunteers with first-hand experience and develop the social and life skills of young people. 100% of participants on their employability programme move to employment or education within 12 months.

Despite demand, current capacity limits the ability to form new partnerships. With our funding they will employ a Volunteer Coordinator to boost volunteers and give the leadership time to develop new revenue streams and expand partnerships to unlock growth.

RECLAIM Project Ltd

RECLAIM is creating a society where a working-class background no longer presents barriers to achievement, success, or influence.

Programmes train working class young people on how to run local and national campaigns to get their voices heard. These programmes are winning change, with for example, alumni being instrumental in the introduction of free bus travel for 16-18 year olds across Greater Manchester. Through their sought after consultancy offer, RECLAIM also supports companies to become more inclusive of working class talent to create a fairer workplace.

Funding from The Fore will enable RECLAIM to grow its consultancy arm to secure financial autonomy, reduce reliance on unpredictable grant funding and expand across the North.

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