December 3, 2019

WasteAid UK

One in three people worldwide do not have the luxury of having waste taken away, and as a result they are left to dump or burn their waste, exacerbating the global public health and environmental waste crisis. WasteAid provides simple and cost-effective community waste management to combat this problem. In partnership with well-established local organisations, it trains local people to manage waste in a safe and affordable way and supports people to become self-employed recycling entrepreneurs, generating economic value from waste materials.

WasteAid used The Fore’s grant to develop the necessary administrative capacity to cope with rapid expansion. This has enabled a rapid scaling in the first year since funding –  doubling the number of countries it works in (12 in total) and reaching 16,000 new people. WasteAid developed new income streams, more than tripling its unrestricted income, and also became sufficiently developed to secure funding from DFID. The CEO says that The Fore’s support has been instrumental in unlocking this rapid transformation.