March 2, 2020


Mindsong is a Gloucestershire-based charity that enables people living with advanced dementia and their carers to communicate through music; enriching lives and improving health and wellbeing. Mindsong provides two main services: Music Therapy, a clinical intervention delivered by professional therapists to care homes and in people’s own homes, and Meaningful Music singing groups, delivered by trained volunteers in care homes.

The Fore’s Support:

Funding from The Fore in 2017 enabled vital proof of concept work that gave Mindsong a strong chance of winning NHS clinical commissioning contracts, unlocking the opportunity to expand the programme across the UK.

The Result:

Mindsong’s results since its grant have been astonishing – receiving more than triple its target value in NHS funding, and is now using this success to explore social franchising. In the last year alone, Mindsong has doubled its turnover and expanded to work at almost 30 new locations, reaching 2,000 people with dementia every year.