March 2, 2020

Empire Fighting Chance

Empire Fighting Chance is a Bristol-based charity that engages at-risk young people through non-contact boxing, underpinned by tailored support focused on education, well-being and employability. The results are remarkable: by the end of their engagement with Empire Fighting Chance, 92% of young people have improved school attendance, 88% are no longer at risk of exclusion and 90% have increased aspirations.

The Fore’s Support:

Funding from The Fore in 2017 enabled Empire Fighting Chance to take its first step toward scaling by expanding into a second site, in neighbouring South Wales.

The Result:

Empire Fighting Chance successfully launched in South Wales, recruiting skilled coaches (one of whom was Wales’ first ever female professional boxer).  From a standing start, the organisation has grown to reach over 1,000 vulnerable young people in South Wales in just under two years. As a result of the organisation’s success, in 2019 Empire Fighting Chance was visited by Price Harry and Meghan Markle, which led to significantly increased profile.