Wicked Weather Watch Request (Portfolio)

Organisation Description

Renowned explorer, Sir David Hempleman-Adams, founded Wicked Weather Watch (WWW) as a
result of the dramatic changes he has witnessed in the Arctic due to climate change over the last 30
years. The young people of today face some of the biggest climatic challenges our world has ever
seen. We believe all young people deserve access to information about climate change, its impact,
and how they can mitigate the effects on our wonderful world.

WWW brings climate change to life through direct interaction with explorers, such as Sir
David, and others who have visited the Arctic and seen how climate change is affecting
the region. We inspire the next generation through our flagship schools programme which offers Arctic multi-school events, explorer talks, and interactive climate change workshops. Since the launch of our schools programme in 2016 we have worked with 260 schools and over 23,000 children.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking to fill two roles, the treasurer and the secretary role. We expect Trustees to
actively contribute, overseeing the strategy, operations, and financial management of WWW. Trustee meetings are held 4x per year, usually in the mornings, and we ask for personal attendance where possible.

As Treasurer, your primary responsibilities will include:
• Overseeing, and presenting budgets, accounts, and financial statements to the Board of
Trustees after discussions with the Director.
• Overseeing meticulous record-keeping and advising on the direction of financial resources.
• Assisting in developing and implementing financial policies concerning expenses, reserves,
and investments.
• Collaborating with auditors or independent financial reviewers as necessary, ensuring the
charity adheres to their recommendations.
• Establishing and enforcing appropriate financial controls, ensuring compliance.
• Offering insight into the financial implications of the charity's strategic plans.
• Countersigning charity cheques (including electronic transactions) and fund applications.

In the role of Secretary, your duties will include:
• Ensuring meetings comply with the governing document's requirements.
• Organising and managing trustee meetings and sub-committees.
• Advising the board on the legal and regulatory implications of the charity's strategic plans.