The Peninsula Trust Request (SAC Recommended)

Organisation Description

We are a community benefits society that supports our local community around issues such as inequality, advocacy, social isolation, food insecurity, benefits, housing and crisis grants. We run a community hub that houses the post office and micro library, plus we run a food larder, community growing and cooking class project, outdoor learning for local children, local meet ups, and community café. We are a registered provider of social housing and rent out three social housing units and two affordable units to the local community who are impacted by lack of affordable local housing, partly due to the high level of second home ownership and holiday lets.

Our long term aim is to build in more community resilience and empowerment.

What are they looking for?

We would be happy with face to face or virtual and would appreciate any time that can be offered.

We would appreciate support with:
1) Leadership structure and responsibility.
2) Identifying what our long term aims are for the organisation and to simplify our core provision to create highest impact.
3) Assess how our status as a small social housing provider fits in with our organisational aims and whether it should remain so.
4) Legal support and knowledge around social housing and asset management.
5) Identifying new income streams, plus support with managing current debt.
6) Identifying how to use systems such as Xero to simplify our financial management.

Help with any of the above would be greatly appreciated. Addressing these will support us to bring clarity to our ideas, feeding into the longer term transformation of our organisation.