The Literacy Pirates Request (Portfolio)

Organisation Description

Literacy Pirates develops the literacy, confidence and perseverance of children who are falling behind in class and have fewer opportunities in their personal lives, so they can succeed at school and beyond.

We take children on voyages as readers and writers. Our after-school programmes, led by teachers, offer one to one and small group attention from trained volunteers, giving them the confidence to unfurl theirsails. By welcoming them into our joyful spaces, publishing their work in the real world, and celebrating everything they do, we develop their literacy, confidence and perseverance.

What are they looking for?

The Board currently consists of six trustees and we are recruiting three or four more to support with fundraising, digital expertise, teaching literacy, and financial management.

We are looking for people who want to use their skills, as well as lived and learnt experience to help us achieve our mission to make the world more equitable. We are looking for a diverse range of voices to join as trustees so that we can push ourselves to make even more impact for even more children.