Organisation Description

Founded in 2019, The Happiness Cafes is a memories cafe for those with dementia and those who care for them. We strive to provide support to those dealing with the devastating effects of dementia, and we are the only service in our rural area that provides direct support for both the individual with dementia and their carer.

Our services are free and we offer a non-judgmental meeting place. We offer support, advice, stimulation (e.g. arts and crafts, a choir, live music, chair exercises, refreshments, breakfast club, hot lunches).

Our staff are carers or ex-carers that have lost loved ones to dementia. Before we formed this charity, we were all living with the stigma of dementia along with the isolation and loneliness that follows.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking strategic support to develop a plan that will enable us to expand our services to other local organisations and help them set up their own Memories Cafes. We are also seeking marketing support to help us raise awareness of not only Dementia, but most importantly the positivity, experience and understanding that our group offers to those in the same situation. There is a stigma surrounding Dementia that prevents people from joining our group and we would love to break down these barriers. To achieve this, we would like support with creating graphics to relay our message in a bright, colourful and positive way across our social media accounts. We would appreciate these graphics in multiple formats, such as videos, images, posters and templates. We also welcome support from a volunteer who can support us with creating our own website. Volunteer(s) can either support us in-person or online via Zoom and email as appropriate. The ideal volunteer(s) will have first-hand experience of caring for a loved one with Dementia. We feel it is only by looking after someone with Dementia that you can truly understand the devastating impacts and sacrifices made not only by the whole family unit, but especially by the main carer who sacrifices their career, income, relationships and their own health and well-being.