Teach2Teach Request (Portfolio)

Organisation Description

Teach2Teach International is dedicated to enhancing education in rural Ghana by providing teacher training courses to unemployed young people and employing them as local teachers. Currently, two-thirds of children in the Northern Region of Ghana live in poverty (UNICEF 2020), and only 54% complete primary school, compared to 94% nationally.

What are they looking for?

They are looking for volunteers to fill two key trustee roles -

(1) Finance Trustee: Ensure their financial stability and contribute to life-changing education initiatives. Their current treasurer is retiring after 6 years of invaluable service.

(2) Chair of the Board: A compassionate leader to lead their board, champion good governance, and drive their mission to empower communities through education.

Ready to make a lasting impact? ✨ Volunteer with Teach2Teach and help shape a brighter future for children and communities in rural Ghana!