Say Aphasia Request (Portfolio)

Organisation Description

Say Aphasia’s 15 support groups in England and Wales are attended by 200 people
and led by volunteers living with aphasia. The charity helps people with aphasia adapt to life with this condition and regain their independence and confidence. Aphasia does not affect intellect, but it can restrict the person’s ability to talk, read, write, use numbers and follow what is being said. Those living with this condition are frequently isolated from family, friends and society as conversation, relationships and meaningful roles are lost. It is an invisible condition which is severely under-resourced.

What are they looking for?

Say Aphasia are looking for remote support with data entry to Charity Log CRM system. You will be shown how to add the data. With very little resources, and an ever growing list of priorities, some of our admin needs some extra hands. This is temporary volunteering to help us catch up with data entry.