Refuge4Pets Request

Organisation Description

Refuge4Pets offers victims-survivors of domestic abuse an animal fostering service to remove a significant barrier which prevents many victims-survivors from leaving. We empower victims-survivors to access the vital safety and support they need before being reunited with their much-loved animals.

We believe animals are an important part of victims-survivors’ coping strategies and the reciprocal bond between victim-survivors and animals aids recovery from trauma. We also work to reduce loneliness and isolation, as well as improve the well-being, of victim-survivors and volunteers in the community.

In partnership with The Links Group, we contribute to the research, policy development and education around the link between domestic abuse and animal abuse to increase the safety and well-being of all victim-survivors – People and animals.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking support with developing a business plan as we want to acquire our own premises through Ethex (an ethical investment platform). We already have a rough business plan to work with based on a suitable property/land on the market, but we would appreciate help with refining and strengthening our business plan for Ethex. The premise must have a kennel / cattery space and have the potential to provide accommodation for families who flee domestic abuse. Having our own premises will also develop additional income generating opportunities, which will improve our sustainability as a charity.