Permanent Education CIC Request

Organisation Description

Permanent Education is an organisation with roots in professional development training for teachers and support for school leaders. Our two Directors have worked in education and as trainers for many years, specialising in training teachers how to improve higher level thinking skills and meta-cognition in both themselves and their pupils.

In 2020, our two Directors formed a partnership to deliver training together. Permanent Education then evolved into a CIC as schools changed the way they commissioned outside providers, which meant we could raise public funds and offer projects in schools without charging them.

We have run projects for schools across Manchester, London, Yorkshire, Wales, Nottinghamshire and the North West of England.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking support with developing a business plan. Specifically, we would appreciate advice regarding how we can diversify our work with the aim of building our business. We have a few existing ideas, such as delivering our courses online and working with local authorities to establish Permanent Education as their preferred supplier of teacher training. We would also appreciate advice regarding whether we could expand our product to other markets, such as thinking skills for middle managers or early career workers. In terms of our current focus on schools, we have worked successfully in education over the last 20 years and we know schools, teachers and pupils benefit from our work and we always receive excellent feedback. However, it has been increasingly difficult for us to access work as many schools now deliver training in-house. Also, with the limited budgets schools have, they are less able to afford our training despite the interest.