Lifting Limits Request

Organisation Description

Our mission is to challenge gender stereotyping and promote gender equality, in and through education. Gender stereotyping limits children’s choices and aspirations from a young age, with lifelong effects. We work with primary schools and early years settings to help them recognise where gender stereotypes may persist in the school environment and to equip their pupils to challenge stereotyping wherever they may encounter it in the wider world.

What are they looking for?

Having proven the impact of our work through an evaluated pilot, we are developing our model for scaling. With the fundraising climate for small charities harder than ever, we are also looking to maximise our earned income. There are several aspects of our work which would benefit from expert advice on how best to price our services: - revisiting the pricing of our existing programme for individual schools - introducing a small licence fee for schools who continue in our programme after their first year - how to price our scalable model for networks of schools (where multiple schools within a local authority or multi-academy trust join our programme together)