Face Equality International Request

Organisation Description

FEI is the first, and only charity devoted solely to securing face equality. We are an Alliance of global organisations campaigning to ensure that the global facial difference community can live freely, without indignity or discrimination. We are a growing network of 36 worldwide NGOs. In supporting us, you are helping us build a strong, united voice to defend the human rights of the facial difference community globally.

What are they looking for?

At FEI, we are seeking expert support in fundraising and business development. We are a young charity with a series of growing project areas which we’re looking to refine, monitor and evaluate. We’d like to generate sustainable income to be able to continue to evolve these projects and to ensure they are effectively addressing the challenges experienced by the global facial difference community through advocacy and education. We are looking for expert fundraisers to help us to research available funding sources so that we can channel our limited resources into the best suited funding areas for FEI. As a newly established UK charity with an international reach, our 36 member charities represent the diverse disfigurement community around the world. Our work seeks to capacity build for these members to campaign for face equality in their own environments, whilst FEI also wishes to be a leading voice and authority on current issues and inequalities experienced by this community. This opportunity can be conducted fully remotely, with the CEO of FEI as a point of contact. The ideal candidate will have experience in one/all of the following international development, equality, human rights, social justice and disability.