Care to Dance Request (SAC Recommended)

Organisation Description

Care to Dance is a social enterprise that supports care-experienced young people through dance. We are led by Qualified Social Workers and Social Care professionals, with extensive experience working with vulnerable young people as well as with backgrounds in dance.

We offer a range of programmes that consist of weekly dance classes across a range of dance genres. We also have lots of social opportunities outside of the dance studio. Young people can also obtain Level 1 and 2 Dance Leadership qualifications, accredited by Leadership Skills Foundation. This also provides a platform for them to develop positive and transferable leadership skills and build up confidence.

What are they looking for?

Our aim is to reach financial sustainability where we do not rely on grant funding to operate. 77% of our total income has derived from sales. We would like this to become 100% and support in exploring how we could diversify our income streams to reach this would be really beneficial. Also, we would like support in how we can more effectively build corporate partnerships/funding as this is currently not something we have achieved. We would like support in our PR and marketing strategy as currently this is limited. Any support would be really appreciated. Virtual support would be helpful due to Directors living across the country.