Be Enriched Request

Organisation Description

Based in South London, Be Enriched is a charity using food to bring joy and connection to the socially excluded, develop skills in young people and build communities. Since 2013, we have enriched communities through our work across Southwark, Lambeth and Wandsworth.

Along with connecting communities, people eat, make friends and teach each other new skills. Our work includes 3 community canteens serving almost 4,000 meals each year, the Food Bus providing underserved communities with fresh and affordable groceries, community cafes and work to improve food systems. We are supported by over 650 volunteers each year.

What are they looking for?

We are seeking trustees to join our Board. Our trustees support us with setting our strategic direction, providing advice and ensuring that our charity's work continues to advance. Trustees support our vision and act as ambassadors of Be Enriched. The ideal candidate will have: - A commitment to the organisation; - A willingness to devote the necessary time and effort; - A strategic vision; - A good, independent judgement; - An ability to think creatively; - A willingness to speak their mind; - An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship; - An ability to work effectively as member of a team; - A commitment to Nolan’s seven principles of public life: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, and leadership. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from thsoe with at least one of the following skills/experience: - Accounting and finance; - Marketing; - Nutrition, food insecurity and food systems; - Fundraising.