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The skills, talent and resource of our business partners is transforming lives in the community.

The Fore is improving the lives of people all over the UK by funding innovative small charities at the heart of our communities. But they need more than just money.  They need skills, training, mentoring and ongoing support.

At The Fore, our corporate partners play a key role in providing this support.  In addition to providing funding, our partners' talented staff engage in all aspects of The Fore’s programme.  Employees use their analytical skills to assist with the selection of top applicants, share expertise with portfolio charities as mentors, trustees and strategic experts, and join networking events.  The Fore’s charities benefit from the wide range of skills and experience our corporate partners have, and we know the engagement opportunities with The Fore are both compelling and rewarding.

This is high impact corporate philanthropy that engages staff and creates real change within communities.

Benefits of a partnership with The Fore

  • Meet a pre-vetted portfolio of exceptional young charities and social enterprises creating real impact
  • Target funding toward the themes that fit your business objectives
  • Connect your talented staff with engaging volunteering opportunities that use their existing business skills and help them develop new ones
  • Demonstrate the impact of your support through The Fore's data-driven impact reports and case studies

The Fore offers a range of flexible partnership options for businesses. To learn more, contact Sherine Krause or Kate Hoyles at [email protected]

Partners include: BlackRock - Moody's - UBS  - C.Hoare & Co