The Fore Publishes Landmark Report: ‘Substantiating The Fore’s Approach’

October 20, 2019

Today, The Fore published a landmark report, showing the impact of our unrestricted grants to small non-profits. It’s powerful evidence that our charity-led, open-call approach identifies & catalyses high-potential organisations with fresh solutions to social challenges.

You can read the full report here.

And the data which the report is based is here.

We matched each grantee charity with a control group of charities, generated using an algorithm, each with similar scale, age, sector, location and income. Comparing income growth rates for grantees and control group organisations before and after grant awards, it is clear that:

1. Grantees significantly outperformed the control group, and

2. A grant from The Fore correlates with a significant acceleration of growth

Of course, this impact measurement method isn’t perfect: income isn’t an exact proxy for activity, and no matching process is without flaws. Nevertheless, we are really excited about these results and the discussions they have sparked in the sector.