#MatchOfTheWeek: Tim Wright and Big House

November 5, 2019

Tim Wright spent 15 years as HR Director of the London Stock Exchange Group and 3 years as the Chief of Staff before leaving to set up his own consultancy.  He has been involved in a range of arts charities for over 20 years.

“The pressures people work under in the not-for-profit sector are very different from business. Financial management is very different because of the burdens of fundraising and you have to suspend all beliefs about the right way to do things.  It taught me to be much more open-minded and in turn gave me a much stronger, broader view in my professional career in the for-profit sector.”

He was introduced to the Big House by The Fore, to help write a business plan.  Tim soon became a board member and is now the Chair.

“At the Big House we are supporting care leavers.   I feel a lot more aware of what is happening in society, and the damage that chaotic lives and mental health inflicts. Realising that not everyone is having a good day and why, makes you a more fully rounded and empathetic person which is crucial for being a good manager.

“The people working in the charity sector are not as confident as those working in the city.  You have to be able to adapt your personal style to gain their trust.

“Being a trustee is a great way to gain experience of being a non-exec.  The role is about questioning and challenging not about telling people what to do and it can take a while to learn the difference.  But more than anything, it’s just great fun. I’ve had the opportunity to meet lots of great people, ranging from celebrities to young people. Seeing the progress the people you support have made makes is a fantastic experience.”