It’s a Match: Pro Bono Support for The Happiness Cafes

February 12, 2024

Our 2022/23 impact report shows that there is high demand amongst small charities for marketing support as it can be a catalyst for growth. However, many charities simply do not have the financial resources to bring in paid for expertise.   

The Happiness Cafes are community hubs in Northern Ireland supporting people with dementia and their carers. They were looking to set up their own website to extend their outreach and needed a volunteer with web development knowledge to advise and support.  

The Fore connected a marketing professional with this small charity, and they have been working together since to complete a brand and website development plan. 

The volunteer highlighted how this experience has not only been rewarding, but a learning experience too, helping to expand their knowledge. 

“I really enjoy being able to use my skills in branding and marketing to help organisations who otherwise couldn’t afford it. 

It has been a great experience for far. Although I am familiar with accessibility guidelines in my freelance work, this has been on another level. I’ve learnt a lot about best practice for people living with dementia from enhanced colour contract analysis to copywriting.  

I am working on a very interesting and worthwhile project, and I’ve made a new friend! I would recommend professional skills volunteering to anyone.” – Pro Bono Network Member.  

Like our skilled volunteer, The Happiness Cafes have really enjoyed the experience too and recognise that with the support they will be able to raise their profile and increase their beneficiaries. 

“We have been working together to identify the message we would like our website to convey, what our branding should look like and what palette of colours ensure readability for people with dementia. We have agreed our organisation qualities and how best these can be communicated via our new website. By having our own web presence, we can reach a wider audience and be more proactive. 

Our experience has been extremely positive. We couldn’t have hoped to work with someone better. We are a great fit in terms of drive, and ability to deliver.” – The Happiness Cafes.  

If you are looking to share your professional skills with exciting small charities, email [email protected] to join our Pro Bono Network and get involved.