Youth Leads UK


Youth Leads is an entirely youth-led charity. They are transforming youth representation and leadership for working class young people in Greater Manchester.

Youth Leads work with disadvantaged and underserved young people. They immerse them in peer-led media, social action and decision-making projects. Youth Leads is achieving impressive results and young people are queuing to join. A pipeline of NHS Trusts in the North West want help setting up Youth Health Advisory Boards. And a programme to recruit young people for school and college governing bodies, charity trustee boards and the magistracy is ready to go.

Amplifying the voices of children and young people is central to our work. The success of any country depends on the success of its young people. Over the past year, Youth Leads UK has been proud to work with some incredible young people across Greater Manchester, upskilling them, empowering their potential and helping them influence change.”  Chair of the Youth Leads UK Board of Trustees, Saimah Malji

The Fore’s funding will give the award-winning CEO more capacity. They’ll be able to expand their work across the country and establish the charity as a sector leader.