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The Fore assesses and conducts due diligence on hundreds of small charities each year. Philanthropy and wealth advisers that work with The Fore can tap into The Fore’s capacity to generate unique and exciting opportunities for your clients.

Benefits of a partnership with The Fore

Through The Fore, your clients can direct their funding to the causes that interest them most.  Clients can learn about philanthropy through direct exposure in a no-pressure environment.
Opportunities include:
  • Participation in the final phase of funding decisions
  • Bespoke matchmaking to charities
  • Networking events to meet charities in a relaxed environment
Clients can leverage The Fore’s resources to see the impact of their philanthropic giving. On our donors' behalf we:
  • Undertake monitoring and evaluation of all grants on annual basis
  • Compile annual insight reports
  • Conduct research and create impact reports

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