April 24, 2024

Euan’s Guide

“Empowered by the support from The Fore, the Euan’s Guide team has been able to concentrate on our mission to make it easier, safer and more rewarding for disabled people to find and visit accessible places.” – Antonia Lee-Bapty, CEO of Euan’s Guide

After being diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease, Euan MacDonald MBE made it his mission to improve the lives of disabled people throughout the UK. With his sister Kiki he launched Euan’s Guide, a website that provides life-changing accessibility information.

The Fore funded Euan’s Guide in 2019 to provide it with the staff and expertise needed to scale up and change more lives.

Since the grant, the number of people using EuansGuide.com has doubled, with 50,000 benefitting from its advice each month. Their ‘red cord cards’ have made 125,000 disabled toilets safer. And the number of people they work with has quadrupled to almost 10,000.